Following on from the release of London musicmaker Romare's Roots EP yesterday, his current label home Ninja Tune have announced that there's a full length album on the way, too. It's called Projections.

One of the tracks taken from that album is below. It's called 'Roots' and it's a collage of sounds compressed into a cohesive column sashaying its way through your ear drums to the centre of your brain where it performs dance moves you have never seen before, drenched fuzzily with bloop sludge bass and robust piano chords mingling with understated but pulsing beats. It's unsettling to an extent, but maybe that's down to its dark jazzy progressions, and the smattering of vocal samples that drip-drop throughout.

Projections is out 23rd February on Ninja Tune. For now, you can check out the trailer to it below this track. You can also grab 'Roots' over here.

  • Projections tracklist:
  • 1. Nina’s Charm
  • 2. Work Song
  • 3. Motherless Child
  • 4. Ray’s Foot
  • 5. Roots
  • 6. Jimmy’s Lament
  • 7. Lover Man
  • 8. Rainbow
  • 9. Prison Blues
  • 10. The Drifter
  • 11. La Petite Mort