Times are pretty exciting in both the Skyes and X Ambassadors worlds right now - the former has a show coming up on 9 July with Wolf Colony and EVVY at Le Poisson Rouge in their hometown of New York City, and the latter just dropped their debut album VHS today. Now, Skyes have put a chilled out, synth-heavy spin on X Ambassadors' 'Unconsolable'. Although it's stripped of the thunderous drums that make the original such a standout in X Ambassadors' early catalog, Dallin Knightly's angelic voice paired with the skittering drums and swelling, dark synths transform it into a truly remarkable track. Knightly spoke about how the cover came to be in a press release:

"Initially I was drawn to this song because of it's catchy melodies- I liked how Sam's vocal weaved in and out of the drums in the chorus. Then after listening a few times I really started to connect to the story- I like the idea of telling someone you're "thick as thieves" when they're upset beyond consolation. It feels like the most nurturing thing you can say.

Stream it below!

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