Stats is a London-based band centred around Ed Seed. He released the tape album Temping last year, then caught the hearts of minds of many earlier this year with the single 'Rhythm Of The Heart', which actually sampled his newborn son's beating heart.

Speaking on the intentions of Stats, Ed says "I wanted to dramatise them and make them feel glamorous in some way - on the basis that everything is fantastical if you stare at it long enough."

Stats have certainly done that again on new track 'I Am An Animal', which taps into humans' unavoidable carnal and lustful feelings: "I Am An Animal is about catching yourself for a minute - naked, in the middle of the night, lying next to your lover - and being hit by the sheer unlikeliness of it all... It's about how love returns you to your physical body and transforms your senses."

The insuppressible rhythm of 'I Am An Animal' certainly taps into this restlessness, and the flamboyant synths and infectious vocals ensure that you feel the seductive quality of these inner impulses. It's like being trapped inside your body, and the only way to make the feeling go away is to give into it, either by dancing or fucking - or both. Check it out below.

'I Am An Animal' is coming out on TALKSHOW RECORDS. Keep up to date with more music from Stats by following them on Facebook.