We're happy to present to you Her, the debut EP from 23-year-old Greenwich-based producer Cold Courage. This arrives after he was kind enough to show us his musical influences through a mix for our Plastic Platform series back at the end of May this year.

The EP's opener, 'Intro (To Her)' introduces the luscious tapestry of noises that is one aspect of Cold Courage's music; it leads into the more meaty title track, where he introduces distorted abrasive swathes of beats combined with glistening chimes, set off with wildly aching pitch-shifted vocal samples, sounding like a cosmic gamelan stretched across space-time. That hinted element of harsh noise continues in 'Brother' and the dark and expansive all-encompassing hurricane of 'Illusory'.

'Aftermath', acting in answer to the previous track, booms with crunched kicks and far-off alien synth – the break in illusion, the unrelenting thump of everyday life and its unquestionable realities; it ends with delicate, damaged piano and washes of noise, merging with the broken solitude, stark beauty of 'Lydian Line' and its plaintive synth song, chased during its mid-section by frantic howling noise.

It's a collection of music that lulls you into thinking it's going to be all delicate and blissful-sparse, but early on drops clues as to its inevitable, violent direction, taking our expectations – our hopes, dreams, comforts – and smearing them with the brutal taint of reality, the often confusing and unthinking void of innumerable thoughts and worries that daily cloud our lives. It's coping through it all.

Listen below.

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