Swedish musical entity Caotico have shared with us their brand new morsel of music, a bouncy deep house-flavoured track called 'Gone'. Beset by rhythmic bleepy melodies over shuffling hi-hats and a pulsing beat, satisfyingly sidechained synth flutters above whilst robotic vocals clank with metallic funk, the track shifting dynamically between the catchy bloops and less bustling, softer sections. It's out on Malmö-based digital label Discobelle.

Caotico were kind enough to explain the song a little to us via email:

What's the inspiration/idea behind the track?
We just wanted to do a proper club track. It feels like we've always been influenced by a lot of early house, UK garage, bass and disco but never went the whole way. This is hour homage to all the club music that we love. Unfortunately we're still addicted to sticky pop hooks so we accidentally put a few of those in there as well.

Is there any particular time or place in the universe where it'd sound best?
It's designed to sound best in all the clubs we're not allowed into, in all the cars we can't afford, in all the fancy cliques we're not a part of and on of the fashion runways we don't understand. It's a fucking trojan! Do not open this e-mail because you don't know what comes with it. LOL.

What would you like people to see or feel when they listen?
We hope this track will help people to leave their brains at home and just go for it.

Listen below.