Formerly a member of duo Wrathschild, LA-based, New York native Bad W0lfy is now stepping out on a solo tip and making a strong impression with 'Used 2 This', which not only successfully meshes together a number of genres, but also happens to be a really good and really strong modern day pop record.

Speaking to Popjustice, Wolfy said the track is about "getting into a relationship with yourself like you would with another, and feeling super awkward in your body and liking it" while being partly inspired by "new wave, punk, a little soul and a lot of Boney M, Max Martin and the Swedish pop gods, forever and always my Soviet Russian roots, nature, robots, aliens, and magic." That sounds like a pretty decent combination to me.

'Used 2 This' is available now on all digital platforms. Bad W0lfy is also working towards an album, however no dates are confirmed as yet.