While news of a new album from Neil Young is exciting enough, what I'm about to tell you will make it even better. His new record Storytone will be two albums. Yep, two albums.

The first will be a true solo album, but the second is dubbed the "standard" version. I'd say it's a little bit more than just standard, though, as it was recorded with a 92 piece orchestra and choir. It was produced by Young and Niko Bolas under their name Volume Dealers, with the orchestra arranged and conducted by Micheal Bearden and Chris Walden. It drops 4 November via Reprise.

  • Tracklist:
  • 01 Plastic Flowers
  • 02 Who's Gonna Stand Up?
  • 03 I Want To Drive My Car
  • 04 Glimmer
  • 05 Say Hello To Chicago
  • 06 Tumbleweed
  • 07 Like You Used To Do
  • 08 I'm Glad I Found You
  • 09 When I Watch You Sleeping
  • 10 All Those Dreams