Here's the video for Lisa Alma's intimate and dreamy number 'Fern', a song as hypnotically relaxing as it is emotionally driven, especially with gently sung lines like "Do you see how you've hurt me?" echoing out over feather-soft waves of melted synth.

"My videos are an extension of my music," said Alma, talking to BEAT Magazine, "it's important to make this link between my visual thoughts and my songs, I try to create a dream like universe that has the same vibe and tempo as my dreams."

And what about that shot from the video, with the glasses of milk (above)? She was inspired by a photo of Lara Stone in a 2013 issue of i-D Magazine, and thought she'd translate it into her own version for the 'Fern' video:

"I liked the picture of a broody woman standing with two glasses of milk on a serving tray in front of her breasts, almost saying to the viewer, ‘I’m fertile and I want your children’. I’m fascinated by biology and how pregnancy hormones let women produce milk when having a child."

Watch the video below.

  • Video credits:
  • Video by Lisa Alma
  • Concept by Lisa Alma
  • Editor: Lisa Alma with help from Louise McLaughlin
  • DOP: Louise McLaughlin
  • Producer: Kim Wrang
  • Make-up: Sevina Brink