Does anybody remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books? They were like, almost always fantasy books with titles like 'Cave of Mystery' and, um, 'Valley of Goblins'… well, better titles than that (maybe) but that was the general gist. At the bottom of every page of the book you got a choice of things to do and a corresponding page number. You couldn't read these books like normal books. They were interactive. I loved that part of them. (Turn to page 34… oh wait, the troll's whacked me. I'm dead. Start again). Though I don't seem to remember ever, ever finishing one.

In a similar vein, a musical titled Altern-i-life is doing something pretty groundbreaking, especially when it comes to musicals, by making it interactive. It's currently on Kickstarter and they've got 15 days (at time of writing) to get the remaining £9,000-ish for the project.

Who's "they"? Two friends, Theo Davies and Joss Holden-Rea, are the brains behind this musicalness.

But what is it about? Well, it's set in an English countryside town where nothing exciting happens. Then everyone starts using Altern-i-life, an alternate online world where everybody lives parallel lives, and where fantasies can be played out – to dark or absurd degrees. Primarily it revolves around seven townsfolk (with names like The Sentimental Butcher, The Perfectionist and The Little Girl) and their interconnected stories, both on and offline.

Describing the idea in a nutshell, the Kickstarter page states: "The project was born out of the increasingly ridiculous amount of time we spend online. For lots of us, this just involves the relentless checking of Facebook or Gmail, but for others it is the result of complete immersion in an online world. It’s a place where identity can be sculpted, outside the jurisdiction of social normality." Sounds more and more interesting (and scarily relative, I have to admit) the more I read.

It will be roughly 15 minutes long, and will be made up of a selection of 10 different 3-minute songs that progress the story. At the end of each song you'll be given a choice of where to go, what to see, and as such there will be 16 different combinations for the story, making for a different experience every time. And yes, the experience is an entirely online one – too right, I say. "It will only exist online, embedded into as one seamless interactive film," Theo & Joss say on their Kickstarter page. "The choices our town’s people make online hugely affect their real life experiences... just as the choices you make whilst watching affect your own experience of our film."

To sum up: "Altern-i-life is a story about living online. Therefore, we really want it to be completely funded by, and experienced through, the Internet."

Watch their pro trailer below and go and fund the shit out of them here.