A week before the release of his second self-­released album, Gin City, Long Island wunderkind producer Saint Pepsi drops this beautiful new track, 'Baby'. A guy who's never been averse to a little bit of sampling, 'Baby' lifts the vocals and piano parts from obscure song 'Baby Baby' by Korean boyband 4Men, turning the ballad into an R&B number thick with atmosphere and writhing with heavy passion. If you're not excited by now, you will be when you listen to the song.

With bubble­pops of synth and cut­up piano chords intermeshed with spliced vocals, the song rises into a bass­laden voyage that whooshes into your ears with smart snares and virtuosic wind­up hi­hats. Euphoric rushes of noise blanket shining­star piano tinkles taken from the original, creating an otherworldly atmosphere like the walk home after a lifechanging first date. The vocals sing out like half ­forgotten moments, muffled in galaxies of reverb. By the end, these noises come together highly charged and egged on by plenty of "hey! hey!" and claps marching forward.

Saint Pepsi could keep making songs like this and herald in a new wave for R&B, yet it's his variegated influences – from emo to pop divas – that keeps his songs totally fresh, ushering in not a new wave for any particular genre, but a new wave in the making of music itself. Get ready to devote a few hours to listening to Gin City on repeat next week, we sure will.

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