We're happy to present to you 'Come Alive', the latest track from Virginia-based trio Eternal Summers' forthcoming fourth album Gold and Stone, out 2nd June. Guitars on the track alternate between muffled sparkles and janglesome slackeresque chords, underpinned by semi-acrobatic bass and a lively, driving beat, as Nicole Yun's vocal melody stands out, singing lines like, "I want something new, a fundamental element that's true" – it conjures a feeling of renewal; and the time of year, this kind of pre-summer (or "Spring" if you want), is perfect for that.

Nicole gave us a little more insight into her thinking behind new song:

"'Come Alive' started as a series of hummed melodies recorded on my phone as I drove to Girls Rock camp where I was a counselor last summer. It was a long drive, and fairly early in the morning – the perfect situation for fresh ideas. I wanted to try to write a song based on vocal melody rather than a guitar riff or chord progression. This song was also inspired by some of my favorite women in music – Laetitia Sadier, Trish Keenan, and Bjork, as well as a throwback to the cleaner pop of our earlier albums."