It's the right day for us to be premiering this lovely track; the sun's out, the heat's up – the summer-bound flavours of 'Lights On' by Cardiff "electronic-pop" trio XY&O are in their element. Made up of the Skip Curtis (vocals, production), Tudor Davies (programming, keys) and Nick Kelly (guitar), the trio create a thick sun-draped cocktail of sound, staccato guitars punctuating the light funk of the track as undeniable groove oozes from the bassline, an odyssey of super catchy, gorgeously layered vocals and sparkling synths.

XY&O tell me, via email, that they were inspired by 'Get Lucky': "For me it reinvigorated genres that peaked in popularity decades ago and opened up whole new avenues for combining old genres with new," said Tudor Davies, continuing: "['Lights On'] was actually the first song we'd ever composed under the idea that we could be a collective or band of sort, so we kept an open mind and experimented for a few hours until we achieved something we were happy with."

Skip Curtis also recalled how the track came about: "The inspiration for the track came from when I was leaving a club in the early hours once. When clubs spill out at closing time it always just seems to be weird maelstrom of lust, joy, sadness, mania depravity and aggression, like people's wiring has gone wrong. It got me questioning why and trying to look for some sort of internal peace and thinking about the kind of people who find that," he said. "We wanted to draw on the enlightenment and spirituality aspect and that led to the chant melody we used."