In the formative landscape of emerging pop talents, there tends to be an invisible age-limit. Generally, around ones late teens, is when one begins to find their talent or it ends up being discovered. With a few rare exceptions, sometimes that talent emerges well before the invisible barrier. Enter NYC-native Juliana Wilson, tabbed as the "next big thing" by Girls' Life Mag, and she only just turned 13.

While 13-years old, for many among us, is one of the more embarrassing formative ages, Wilson has found a command in her freakish musical talent. Helped by the discovery of Matty Amendola and the 825 Records team, now Wilson's voice can be given even greater volume.

"We are incredibly pleased to go public with such a young artist we've been waiting for the world to hear," says Amendola. But "this is only the starting line for a long marathon."

Check out an introduction to the abilities of Wilson below.