What better way to illustrate a song than to get up to some lighthearted witchcraft-based shenanigans? What better way indeed. This is the video for '6th Floor' by smooth new London girl trio, JUCE. The song shudders with shocks of funk guitar and a fluid acrobatic bassline, whilst rich and silken vocals lend their almost tangible textures to the low key funk of it all.

The girls from JUCE work in a pet shop, a florist, and some kind of bakery / café (not in real life, or at least I am guessing not) and decide to get even with a stoopid boy by practicing a little magic, a bit of witchcraft that, in terms of severity, sits on the scale at Sabrina The Teenage Witch. It's fun!

Discovery: Like this? Then you'll probably, if not most definitely, like 'Groove It Out' by LoneLady (it's in the title).