We are happy to present to you today this video for new Kyogen (aka recent keyboardist addition to PINS, Kyoko Swan) track, 'Precious'. It's fluid, floral, soaringly time-stopping, an icy bliss of stretched-out vocals and glittering flutters of sound, not necessarily heaven-sent or dreamlike, but fragile and almost numb.

Fun fact: Kyōgen is a style of Japanese theatre, analogous (but different) to Noh, and meaning "wild words" or "mad speech".

Kyogen describes the feeling behind the song: "The subject matter appears to be positive at first glance - appreciation of the smaller details of life, but, with most of my lyrical content, is overshadowed by a vague black cloud," she said. "You must hold on to these precious things in life because inevitably they are temporary and will be gone, often sooner rather than later."

The greyscale, looping video, effusing a gritty yet hypnagogic feel, was made by Lois Macdonald (also of PINS), who had this to say about her creation:

"At each repeat, the seemingly insignificant piece of footage creates its own meaning, and detail becomes highlighted in almost a trance-induing way."

Watch the video below.

'Precious' is taken from an upcoming Haus of PINS collective Myths EP, with tracks from Kyogen, Jupiter-C and Dream Wife. You can purchase it here.