There couldn't be a more appropriate name for Noah Kittinger as he evolves into a further level of BEDROOM. Peppered with underwater guitar riffs, carefully layered vocals and heavy but ethereal drums, it isn't hard to see how BEDROOM embodies the name. In fact, I don't think another name could even exist for Noah's brainchild at this point.

If music can be a reflection of ourselves, 'Work This Out' has become a reflection of Noah's mind taking material and transferring it to something new. It's something that can recognize the importance of creation from the raw elements of an older mind but know that nothing is ever destroyed. Each part of the track grows on top of the last, keeping it in a sway that allows it to pick back up and mellow out without losing feeling. Instead of reverting up or down, I could imagine this song moving side to side like an underwater snake.

This track and others like it can be found on BEDROOM's Soundcloud link here.