Chelsea Wolfe recently shared 'The Mother Road', a thunderous new single that came with the news that she'll be releasing a new album called Birth Of Violence on September 13th. It was also revealed that she'll be going on an acoustic tour, which sounded very intriguing, but strange given the scope and scale of most of her work.

With the release of new single 'American Darkness' it begins to make more sense. The new song is a ghostly folk ballad played on acoustic guitar with light drumming and minimal atmospherics adding to the spooky timbre of the track. Wolfe's voice is as capable as ever, rising and falling with the subtle eddies of the tale she's telling, turning 'American Darkness' into a song just as captivating as any of her more well-known loud songs.

The video for 'American Darkness', created with Karlos Rene Ayala takes inspiration from the famous scene in Paul Thomas Anderson's Magnolia, with Wolfe explaining:

“It began as a sort of homage to a scene in the Paul Thomas Anderson film Magnolia, where the characters are singing along to the Aimee Mann song “Wise Up,” but I wanted our version to be explored through the lens of The Tarot. I’ve been reading tarot cards for myself for many years, and researching the symbolic expressions of the cards for this video made me want to dive even deeper. To represent that, I played both The Fool and The High Priestess cards in the video, to embody both the beginning of the journey, and the realization that the sacred knowledge I was seeking was inside me all along."

Chelsea Wolfe's new album Birth of Violence is out September 13th on Sargent House.