In just over a year since the release of their debut EP Love In Toxic Wasteland, London band Chemtrails have managed to whip up a storm of excitement thanks to their humorously dark synth-inflected indie pop, showcased on that EP and its successor Headless Pin-Up Girl from earlier this year. On both these releases, and in what's to come, Chemtrails prove they have an uncanny ability to channel the darker elements lurking in life into their music and make it sound vital and urgent through polychromatic psych-pop and fearless lyricism. It's with no shortage of anticipation that we can now reveal that Chemtrails' debut full length album is called Calf Of The Sacred Cow and arrives February 9th through PNKSLM.

Today we also bring you the first taste of Calf Of The Sacred Cow in the form of its lead single and opening track 'A Killer Or A Punchline'. The track slightly lowers the freneticism and deliriousness of much of their past output, this time chugging along on classic garage rock guitars underscored by sprightly whirling synth melodies. This sets the perfect canvas for the dual vocals of Mia Lust and Laura Orlova to come and add sing-song vocals that sound a lot more innocent than their lyrics actually betray. The result is the most immediate and downright lovable song Chemtrails have put out to date, and sets the scene nicely for what's to come on the rest of Calf Of The Sacred Cow.

Talking about the inspiration behind 'A Killer Or A Punchline', Mia Lust says "growing up watching TV and movies, pop culture's tropes and narratives start to seep into your subconscious and shape your expectations of who you are and who you're going to be. This song is about breaking free from the destiny divined for you by pop culture. The title refers to the two paths I saw for myself as a kid if I was to embrace being transgender; in the 90s and 00s any trans woman in the media was either a killer or a punchline."

Listen to 'A Killer Or A Punchline' below.

Mia explains the album title Calf Of The Sacred Cow, by saying "The title of the album refers to our generation - the children of the failing system of neoliberal capitalism. In most of the songs I was venting frustration at the world we've grown up in, and at our apparent inability to change it. But it's not all doom and gloom, as the dark subject matter is wrapped up in psychedelic language, and musically speaking the album is pretty upbeat."

You can pre-order Calf Of The Sacred Cow here ahead of its February 9th release.

Track list:

01. A Killer or a Punchline
02. A Beautiful Cog in the Monolithic Death Machine
03. Wishbone
04. Tendrils
05. Lizard Empire
06. Watch Evil Grow
07. Usual Freaks
08. Milked
09. Dead Air
10. Ghosts of My Dead Cats
11. Overgrown