It’s not often, if ever we would mention the name Cher Lloyd on this website but something happened this weekend, the crowd at V Festival in Chelmsford took exception to the former X-Factor hopeful's appearance yesterday and gave her, what we like to call, the full Daphne and Celeste treatment. If you are unaware of that reference, here is the footage from the Reading Festival back in 2000 which saw organisers make an epic error in judgment when booking the main stage line up.

In scenes eerily similar to the above, Cher Lloyd was two songs into her set at V yesterday when the audience booed and hurled piss filled missiles towards the stage forcing the young performer to walk off. To compound things, the plucky singer came back on to quite rightly/foolishly (delete as appropriate) stick up for herself and tell the baying mob: "It’s hard enough being up here, but it's not nice having bottles of piss chucked at you." This didn’t stop the V crowd though and they continued to pelt a tearful Cher with their bottled fluids.

There is no denying that Lloyds own brand of pop is an acquired taste and one that would probably receive the same treatment as Daphne and Celeste twelve years ago at any festival but V Festival is renowned for its pop-centric lineups, and anyone going there expecting otherwise is at the wrong festival. After all, yesterday's billing also boasted the likes of Tulisa and Olly Murs so it was quite a likely choice in picking Cheryl Cole's muse to join the lineup.

Where organisers did go wrong however, was in their scheduling. Instead of putting Cher on early and slotted neatly and far more logically before Murs and Tulisa, Lloyd was placed after the rapper Wiley, a misjudged decision which may go a long way to explain the reaction of the crowd, but in no way condones it.