Apocalipstick, the 2017 album by Cherry Glazerr, was one of the most unabashedly bold and fun rock albums getting us through last winter. Now, as they prepare to play a couple of home town shows at Coachella, they've given us a preview of what they're cooking up for their next album with the new single 'Juicy Socks'.

The new track shows off both Cherry Glazerr's soft and loud sides, but with a newfound nuance that threads them together beautifully. This allows 'Juicy Socks' to be just as adorably enchanting as it is emphatic and inspiring. Clementine Creevy is at hear daydreamiest during the song's pillowy verses, before going down a slightly more paranoid alley. This is soon overcome as Creevy springs into fierce life with her voice and guitar taking on a hidden edge in the song's simplistic mantra of a chorus: "don't be nervous."

Creevy says of 'Juicy Socks': "[it] is about vocalization. Using one's voice as a strong weapon and needing to be heard in order to not feel like shit. Oh also, it's about wanting to smash Donald Trump's orange fuckin' head into a brick wall!"

Listen to this one a couple of times and it'll soon be rattling around your skull, hopefully inspiring you to do something gutsy this weekend.