Chez Ali is the new project of Elias Mahfoud, the charming Swede who you might have previously crossed paths with through his work in Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes. The Chez Ali name started while Mahfoud was living in London between 2014 and 2015, but is now coming into fruition with a debut EP called Buenas Noches Club coming out in November. He's already shared the delicious 'Blue Cheese' and today we bring you its playful follow up 'Adore You'.

Speaking about the track, Chez Ali says “‘Adore You’ is about looking back on an initial meeting with a special someone - to the point that you’re almost obsessed – and the thought of your next meeting brings excitement and energy to your life."

That head-turning and mind-muddling excitement is perfectly captured in Chez Ali's irresistible guitar line that immediately hooks you into 'Adore You'. Bouncing forward on party-starting percussion and a synth line that weaves and wiggles with mischief, 'Adore You' finds Chez Ali getting wrapped up in dramatic dreams and turning them into something tropical and potent. 'Adore You' captures the intoxicating potential of another meeting between Ali and the object of his attraction - and the result is like a non-stop party on a desert island in the sky.

Chez Ali's forthcoming EP Buenas Noches Club is out on November 9th through Rama Lama Records. As evidenced by the songs released so far, Chez Ali has plenty of inspiration to burn, so keep an eye on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for news about more new music and live shows in the near future.