Nostalgia is associated with romanticization, and we end up romanticizing nostalgia as well. But there’s more to it than thinking in wistful fondness about discontinued breakfast cereals and Tamagotchis. Memories can haunt, not because of any specific negative associations, but because they represent what we cannot recreate or reclaim for our present selves, no matter how hard we try.

‘Blue Leaves’, the new single and video from Chicago drone wizard John Daniel (AKA Forest Management) is enough to make you long to try in vain rediscover a past that’s not yours. Made by Nathan Melaragno in pure VHS-haze at the Cleveland apartment complex his parents managed, ‘Blue Leaves’ layers image upon image as it brings us from a laundry room, down long stretches of hallway, and through the woods after a midwestern snowfall. As Daniels’ tones flow through, it’s hard to tell if they’re warming or scorching. But that’s how nostalgia can manipulate us.

Forest Management’s new album, Passageways, is out March 22nd on Whited Sepulchre Records, and can be pre-ordered from his Bandcamp.