Chicago continues to earn a reputation as a hotbed for exciting talent and not just from established artists. Its growing underground scene is a perfect place to find what's not only hot but perhaps what we could be listening to a few weeks, months or years from now.

One such exciting act is Iris Temple who, despite their limited musical output, have managed to begin to carve their own musical niche that doesn't quite compare to anyone else. Producer and vocalist Quinn Cochran and vocalist Aura are a match made in heaven; combined with frequent collaborators Elias Abid and Appleby, they're becoming a force to be reckoned with and perhaps Chicago's unofficial alternative representatives.

After spending time crafting and perfecting their evolving sound, Iris Temple share their Duality EP, which is a five track showcase of their sound, crafted at the now legendary Classick Studios. Speaking to These Days, the pair said of the EP: "In our minds Duality is a journey. It's a story about departing, and then arriving...but not knowing exactly what to do once you have arrived...or what it was that you actually set out to do in the first place. Duality is an Odyssey that explores all of our musical influences while we attempt to create a new sonic environment."

Stream the full, soulful collection now via SoundCloud.