One of my favourite musical discoveries of the last few years has to be Appleby. Not just because his own music is dope, but because he's also helped introduce me to some of the other burgeoning talent that's rising out from Chicago and the surrounding areas. Sure, the likes of Common, Kanye and Chance are making sure Chi has a firm place on the map but the underground scene is just as exciting, and Appleby's frequent collaborators Iris Temple are one of the most electrifying musical talents of that region.

The duo, made up of Quinn Cochran and Aura, sit in this really distinct musical place that covers a variety of genres and their new cut 'Ferns' is the perfect example of that. It's a curious concoction of indie beats with hip-hop soul and even a slight rock edge. It's an impressive feat that deserves as much shine as possible.

"['Ferns' is] a single from our upcoming EP; It serves as a call to adventure," the band told us via email. "The first half of the song sort of expresses the melancholy of leaving the life you're comfortable with, then transitions into a trepidatious yet excited ode to exploration."

Listen to 'Ferns' below and download it for free via SoundCloud. Their EP is due soon and there's more music available on their SoundCloud too.