Most artists, when they want you to take a listen to their new album, will simply throw up a preview on Soundcloud or iTunes for you to listen to and have done with it. Simple as. Childish Gambino, however, is not one to do things by halves. To promote the release of Because The Internet, and to give a glimpse of the tracks on the album, Gambino aka Donald Glover, has written a 72 page script based around a character known as "The Boy".

The tracks on the album correspond to certain scenes throughout the script and are meant to be played simultaneously to get the feel of that particular scene. A couple of scenes even have short clips of Glover as "The Boy" exploring his life and loves. Of course, this isn't Glover's first foray into screenwriting, having been a staff writer on 30 Rock and writing his own comedy sketches, and a film, with sketch comedy troupe Derrick Comedy. Nothing about the campaign to promote Because The Internet has been remotely by the books so it makes sense to dish out a 72 page script to promote it as well.

Experience it by heading here. [via CoS]

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