While by technical definition Children Of Pop is a band, the Houston project is actually fronted by a sole figure who wishes to remain nameless. The "group" as it may be has been combing through the local scene for the better part of the 2010s, even earning a recent nomination by the Houston Press in the "Best New Act" category. But despite its relative rise, there's still a feeling of infancy when it comes to Children Of Pop.

Recently, the "group" debuted 'Taking Over', a low-hum bedroom pop dub which could suit itself as a Jai Paul side-project. The mysterious Children Of Pop levy's delicate vocal structures on alluring spacey progressions, floating between experimental electronic and gooey indie pop. In his own words, however, Children Of Pop simply declares; "It is chill; boring. Enjoy."

Stream 'Taking Over' below and get a handle on the project at Soundcloud and Bandcamp.