Föllakzoid is a duo hailing from Santiago, Chile, featuring childhood friends Domingae and Diego. They've been together for a decade, and have already released a trio of albums, but with each new release they aim to engulf more worldwide listeners in their hypnotic spell. Having been subverting expectation by counting down album titles (III in 2013, II in 2015), they reach I on their next LP, coming out on August 1st.

The pair has shared the 13-minute closing track from I, a pummeling techno track called 'IIII'. It's a track that features a rigorously propulsive beat throughout its extended runtime, pummeling through the 13 minutes on a singular mission to get inside your body. Around it, Föllakzoid subtly shift the template, with synths of grey and green hews ever reflecting off the central beat, and even some vocals sneaking in at an unexpected point. It's a carefully balanced piece that keeps your focused locked throughout.

'IIII' quickly gives credence to their statement that "We found our sonic and metric identity even more in these songs than in our previous attempts." Check it out below.

Föllakzoid will be bringing their live show to the UK:

Sept 01 UK Brighton Patterns
Sept 02 UK Birmingham Hare and Hounds
Sept 03 UK Glasgow Broadcast
Sept 04 UK Sheffield Picture house social
Sept 05 UK Manchester White Hotel
Sept 06 UK Leeds Brudenell social club
Sept 07 UK London Dingwalls