Chilly Gonzales has returned with his first official UK full length release in three years! Ivory Tower is released this week on Schmooze/Gentle Threat and is seen as a welcome return to his solo output. Recently, he has been wowing UK audiences, some of which include the likes of Jarvis Cocker and The Mighty Boosh, with his live shows, and producing tracks for artist as diverse as Charlotte Gainsbourg, Marina & The Diamonds and Tiga. Not only this, he has also written, produced and starred in a film! The new release acts as a companion piece to the feature length film of the same name. It stars Chilly Gonzales alongside Tiga and Peaches in an existential sports comedy, with a difference. But I don't want to give too much away! The album is avaliable this week and, if you are lucky enough to get a ticket to the sold out festival, Chilly Gonzales will be performing at Bestival on Sunday 12th September. If you want to see the film, you have just missed the London showing! However, there are plans to announce new dates soon. But, just in case you can not wait, here is a sneak peek! Photobucket 1. Knight Moves 2. I Am Europe 3. Bittersuite 4. Smothered Mate 5. The Grudge 6. Rococo Chanel 7. Never Stop 8. Pixel Paxel 9. You Can Dance 10. Crying 11. Final Fantasy