So, earlier this week China announced that they were cracking down on music talent shows by putting forward legislation to limit programmes such as The Voice and the Chinese version of American Idol becoming commonplace on Chinese television, but should the UK be following their lead?

Quite frankly, yes. They should.

A whole decade has passed since the X Factor first came on the box and I am not going to discredit the show, it was worthy of maybe five or six seasons, but surely ten is a bit excessive? Does no one else find it a little bit boring now, or is that just me?

Season 7 (2010) attracted an average of 14.13 million viewers weekly. 14 million people spent their Saturday nights listening to a bunch of average singers destroying a handful of our favourite tracks to become the next SyCo spit-out. Series 7 produced One Direction, and kudos to them for making it so big, but if they hadn't been put into the mould of stereotypical boy bands, created to cause mass hysteria amongst 14-year-old girls, would they really be as big as they are today? I guess you have to ask yourself the question of whether they're actually talented musicians, or talented followers of their stylists, advisors, make-up artists and very clever management. And the even bigger question, are TV talent shows really about real raw talent or about who is most likely to make those "behind-the-scenes people" the most money?

I personally feel that when it comes down it in, we find pleasure in other peoples failures. We get a kick out of seeing people criticised. We like to laugh at those who want to embarrass themselves in front of millions of people and we stick the label 'entertainment' on other peoples pain. You're probably guilty of it whether you realise it or not. It's human nature - others people's misfortune makes us feel better about our lives, and seeing someone's dreams crushed before our eyes is what drew us back to shows like The X Factor on a weekly basis.

I can honestly admit that even I was more interested in the footage of Cheryl Cole's malaria collapse than I was in watching Cher Lloyd wail her way through a cover of 'Walk This Way'...

I just feel that after ten years, we've sat through enough singers who became nothing and that we should probably start using this primetime slot for something actually worthy of it - a new gritty piece of British drama or something like that. We could settle for one TV talent show, just to cater to our sadistic dream-wrecking needs, perhaps?

Anyway, there's no doubt in my mind that shows like The Voice, Strictly Come Dancing and Britain's Got Talent will increasingly infect the channels and continue to pollute our minds with glittery ballroom gowns and hit-and-miss Whitney Houston covers for years to come, but as long as someones crying, shouting or getting told they're shit, we'll eat it up faster than our Saturday night saag's and egg fried rice.

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