With possibly the most awesome/annoying band name in the history of all mankind, !!! (Chk Chk Chk) are hardly the easiest band to describe. What I would like to mention is that this band apparently partake in a kung-fu workout before they rehearse. Regardless of whether those Myspace shots are real or just another piece of the mental jigsaw this band have created, they still kick out the jams like no other. Check out interview to find out about a band that have been destroying the world for the last ten years. With a name like yours, which is open for interpretation 'Any sound repeated three times', do you find that you can approach music with the same sort of attitude? Yeah, after all these years I still feel like it sums up our approach. It's hard to believe that your self-titled record came out about ten years ago. How do you feel about your journey as a band during that period? How do you feel you've changed? It's really strange to look back at it now. I was just doing a radio show last week and they were playing stuff from all our albums and I was really surprised by it. Sometimes pleasantly, sometimes not so, but it all seemed like we were making the best record we could from that time. I regret very little, some, but who doesn't. 'Strange Weather, Isn't It?' hit the stores last week. What should we expect from it? AM/FM sounds like classic !!!. It's the slamminest, funkiest, catchiest and darkest thing we've done yet. Musically you're probably one of the most forward thinking bands within experimental dance music, with a lot of your songs comprising of all sorts of sounds. Are you all tech heads? No, absolutely not. The most tech head members of the band are Tyler and Justin and they've long since left us. Many is the time since then, that we've stood around cursing our machines cuz we can't figure them out. We like the sounds all those machines make but our approach to them is very punk, no instruction manuals for this crew. Going back to the last question, do you find it difficult to know where to take songs some times? For example, you're often described as a 'dance-punk' band but do you find that it's quite a difficult process to create something that makes people think 'fuck, where did that come from' as well as to get those people to dance? No. Actually, our songs our more of an act of narrowing down the crazy parts. When you jam for hours on end, you just end up in crazy places. there are songs on this album, that we could have written complete other songs out of the material from the same jam. 
 Whats a !!! live show like? Messy? You haven't seen us? Sheesh, if you like the records, you've got to. Most people say the records don't compare to the live show, and yes they can be a bit messy. Prepare to sweat. You'll be playing one of the Warp birthday shows soon (insane line-up). What's it like working with those guys? Does it help to work with an open minded label? Yes, absolutely. I can't imagine doing it with someone who wasn't. What sort of people influenced what you do? I grew up as a rocker and you were pretty much the first band that expanded my mind into areas that I would have usually snubbed, so I'd be interested to know what did the same for you! Exterminator by Primal Scream really kind of bridged a gap for a lot of people. Daft Punk Homework was as well. Chic C'est Chic and James Brown 20 Greatest Hits. Just start with James Brown, when I first started listening to that, I couldn't believe who how good it was. I'd love to see a picture of the look on my face in the back of the city bus, with the headphones on, listening to that tape. Do you have any plans to come back over to the UK any time soon? Yes, I believe we're there sometime in October. Lastly, what does the rest of 2010 have in store for you? I don't know, apparently there's a few cities around the world that need to get the shit rocked out of them.We're gonna see what we can do. You can visit the band by heading to http://www.myspace.com/chkchkchk Strange Weather, Isn't It? is out now on Warp