Chløë Black, as a person, is as fascinating as Chløë Black, the artist. The multi-layered, multi-talented singer has offered further proof with the release of her new song 'Death Proof,' which is an ode to hedonism and the wildness of youth - something she knows all about. With lyrics personally penned and production provided by Tom Havelock and hit-making team TMS, Chløë's deep buttery voice melts and belts the late-summer anthem.

"Though there are certain parallels between the song and it's namesake (the 2007 Quentin Tarantino film) this particular 'Death Proof' has no obvious villain. It is a song about jubilant self destruction, a song that captures the 'fuck it' moments of youth borne from boredom, depression or simple naïveté," she says.

"There have been many studies regarding the fact that teenagers take more risks with their lives than children or adults. Scholars can't seem to agree on why this is or what evolutionary purpose it serves but most tend to view this as a negative side of youth. I find that there’s a certain beauty in recklessness if you happen to survive it. So far so good." Listen below.

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