London's music scene is already jam packed with supremely talented young ladies and that's absolutely fine; I'd like to think each of them brings something a little different to the music game. But there's something rather distinctly individual about Birmingham-born, now London based singer/songwriter Chloé Leone. She's in her own lane, doing her own thing and in this increasingly crowded landscape, that can be a challenge. In Leone's case, it hasn't really been a challenge because she's simply being herself.

As a kid, Leone would hum along to records played by her parents and began writing songs at the age of 15, before putting her music on ice while she took up a job as a cocktail waitress in her late teens. Perhaps rather ironically, her debut EP Domesticated is a bit like a musical cocktail of much of her early influences & early musical memories; the likes of which include everyone from the Spice Girls to Minnie Ripperton, Erykah Badu to Amy Winehouse and The Isley Brothers to A Tribe Called Quest. There's a noticeable throwback element to the EP that; in some other examples, might come across feeling and sounding rather dated, but within Domesticated, it ends up adding a refreshing element to her music, adding another emotive bow to the package. "Domesticated is a collection of heartbreaks and mistakes," Leone explained via email. "Drunk nights with my best friend and fights with my ex, mostly written on the train between Birmingham and the studio in London or with a hang over. A bit of a drama queen with a sense of humour. That's me!"

To accompany the EP's release, The 405 is excited to premiere the interactive visual version of the Domesticated EP that previews all the tracks in full with some equally throwback-inspired imagery. You can also listen to the title track via SoundCloud. The Domesticated EP is available now on iTunes, Spotify and all good digital outlets via Black Butter Records.