Written by Michael Cripps The Clock, a video production at White Cube by artist Christian Marclay, attempts to discuss the dialogue between cinema and time. At 24 hours long his piece defies the conventions of short film sequences usually familiar to a gallery environment. The film is arranged from an assortment of clips from past film productions, featuring a range of performers from Laurel and Hardy to Meryl Streep. Each clip is expertly merged together creating a seamless film experience. The feature gains its name ‘The Clock’ as each clip shows a reference to a clock or timepiece, which is synchronized with the actual time (call me pedantic, but I found myself checking its accuracy throughout). This allows viewers to use the piece as a clock as well as a piece of art. The lack of narrative allows the video to flow and sit in the gallery perfectly - you may drift in and out and still gain as much from the experience as you would having seen the whole 24 hours. Image and video hosting by TinyPic The historic nature of the film clips presents an interesting contrast to the representation of time, which seemingly places the film in the present. This is a strangely captivating experience, you may find yourself sitting there for longer than you expected... without losing track of the time of course. California born artist Christian Marclay’s new exhibition ‘The Clock’ is currently exhibiting at White Cube, Mason’s Yard 15th October – 13th November 2010