Christina Castle has already released one acclaimed EP in 2019, Chapter 1. But now the pop singer is preparing to follow that effort up with the aptly titled Chapter 2. That record's lead single, 'Crazy Lover,' is an anthemic track in the vein of Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space,' as Castle leans into misogynistic narratives about "crazy exes," taking a bold and empowered stance against those who have mistreated her.

With pulsing production from Lido and a bombastic verse from Gangsta Boo (formerly of Three 6 Mafia), 'Crazy Lover' is a statement track from Castle. Whereas her previous tracks were imbued with a little more wide-eyed optimism, her new single is sharp, witty and unapologetic repudiation of partners who mistreat and abuse their lovers. The song is, on the surface, catchy as all hell and very listenable. But it is also quite clever and well composed, making it a true standout.

Check out 'Crazy Lover' by Christina Castle up above.