Christina Vantzou has put together a playlist featuring ten female artists she has a lot of love for. Not a bad way to celebrate International Women's Day if you ask us.

"I picked out these 10 recordings by female artists with certain qualities in mind. I focused on film scores and experimentation with early electronics, but what ties all these women together for me is their unconventional and boundaryless approach to sound. I'd like to meet all of these women in person. Nina Simone's live version of 'Baltimore' is first because It's one of my favourite recordings of all time."


Nina Simone - 'Baltimore' (LIVE)
Wendy Carlos, Rachel Elkind-Tourre - Main Theme from The Shining
Grace Jones - 'Art Groupie'
Eleni Karaindrou - 'The River'
Mica Levi - 'Love'
Enya - 'Aldebaran'
Elaine Radigue - 'Adnos I' (excerpt)
Laurie Spiegel - 'The Expanding Universe' (excerpt)
Meredith Monk - 'Dolmen Music' (excerpt)
Daphne Oram - 'Introduction'

Christina Vantzou’s fourth full-length for Kranky, aptly titled No. 4, is out on April 6th.