Christine and the Queens has the much anticipated new album Chris set for release on September 21st through Because Music. Having already released an excellent pair of singles in 'Girlfriend' and 'Doesn't Matter', Christine is ramping up the excitement as we head into the final month of anticipation with a new song called '5 Dollars'.

“The song is so tender, so disheveled,” explains Christine. “It’s dealing with some kind of love - the kind you can buy. It’s a literal interpretation. A note for a shag - how surprisingly soothing this can be! The power ratio runs clear, like water in your hands; it becomes a pure gesture of love, of ultimate consent.”

It is notable - and maybe even refreshing - to hear about a harmonious, transcendent exchange of money for sex, and that's exactly what we get on '5 Dollars'. It's a punchy and uplifting song, with choral elements, completely transforming the central transaction into something compassionate and human. Quite a feat, needless to say.

'5 Dollars' also comes with a video described as “American Gigolo with a twist,” we follow Christine as she prepares for a night with a suitor and goes through the possible wardrobe choices. Watch below.

Christine and the Queens will be touring Europe throughout October, get the dates and ticket info on the official website.