The seemingly never ending gaps between pieces of new music from Chromatics can sometimes lead you to believe that you've sort of forgotten what they sound like. But whenever they break their silence with a new track, you immediately know its them, such is the luminously deft touch that Johnny Jewel and his band have in creating nocturnal, heart-rending dance ballads.

All this is to say that Chromatics have returned today with their first new song in who-knows-how-long, 'Black Walls'. It's a classic slice of Italo-disco from the quartet, with Ruth Radelet's voice maintaining the same pristine and timeless flutter, as it coasts over the glistening and fuzzy track.

Jewel has also promised that the long-delayed Dear Tommy will be coming out this Autumn. He doesn't seem too concerned with fans' disgruntlement over the endless delays though, he seems to be poking fun at them a little by having Radelet hold up one of the famously destroyed pressings of the album in the video. Watch below.