The elusive Chromatics recently shimmered back into sight with the release of new single 'Black Walls', and the promise that Dear Tommy would finally see release this year. While they're still not forthcoming with a concrete release date, they have this week doubled down on their promise by releasing another new single, 'Blue Girl'.

If you were to pluck out any of the femme fatales that have inhabited Chromatics' songs over the years, any one of them could be the titular 'Blue Girl' of their newest single. An emotional and independent woman, who moves through life on a breeze, caught up one moment and brushed aside the next. Chromatics' slowly oozing disco pop here illuminates the 'Blue Girl' as she makes a decision to leave her life behind and set off for a new one. We've no idea where she'll go, but with the confident 'Blue Girl' as her soundtrack, the imagined destination is idyllic.