Glass Animals, the support for the evening, are reminiscent of a number of sounds. Firstly Kid A era Radiohead. The group are comfortable experimenting and their electronically driven alternative-rock has an ethereal, otherworldly quality to it. At the same time, though, the music lacks the harsh weirdness that make Radiohead's best albums so special. It seems, therefore, equally valid to compare the group to softer, textual groups like Foals (later albums obviously). While it's unfair to point the finger at the band for sounding like a ragtag group of influences, my first listening experience with them was one of odd familiarity.

Aside from recognising something I'd never heard before, I found myself rather enjoying the show put on by Glass Animals. They have a haunting yet still melodic quality in their live performance. Half the group were obscured behind desks and I couldn't even see the drummer, but there was still something compelling to be seen here. While some of the material played was weaker than their best work Glass Animals are capable of being a very enjoyable live act and were a good start to the evening.

Chromatics's latest album Kill For Love is probably my favourite release of the year so far. While it's horrendously long, there's such a wealth of quality material found within that I am still, dozens of listens later, not tired of exploring what it has to offer. It's remarkably coherent and well realised despite it's sprawling size. Each songs feels vital and deeply connected with the rest of the album. While the bands previous work is of a high standard, Kill For Love is probably the best thing they've ever done. It feels the band have found their stride adding in different musical elements and experimenting with their signature sound.

With their live performance, however, the group surpassed anything I was expecting from them. Chromatics are simply the best sounding live act I have ever seen. Each instrument resonated throughout Heaven with perfect clarity. It's rare I've heard synths sound so alive and organic. Normally when you can hear what each band member is playing clearly live music tends to become too cluttered. Too many musical egos fighting for attention can lead to something that sounds disjointed and unharmonious. This was very much not the case with Chromatics. While each instrument was fighting for attention nothing felt out of place. Ruth Radlet's voice worked especially well, the music felt vibrant and lively but her vocals have a lazy, natural quality that makes them stand out, however quiet, above the pulsing synthesisers.

Visually the group initially appeared to be uninteresting. Band members dressed in black, lit from behind has become a rather tiresome sight. I'd like to actually be able to see the musicians playing to me rather than struggling to make out silhouettes. However as time went by Chromatics managed to make this over-done look work. Rather than standing, static, on stage they bobbed and swayed to each note. Johnny Jewel is a particularly impressive performer, he moves his whole body with each key press, completely absorbed in the music. The group have a cool stage presence and while they aren't imbued with energy they don't have to be. As with their sound, everything is just right.

Setlist-wise, most of the best material on Kill For Love was played. Their set did seem a little on the short side, but this may have been because I was so wrapped up in it. 'Into The Black', 'Kill For Love', and 'Running From The Sun' all made welcome appearances. Additionally some of the best material from their back catalogue was played such as excellent Kate Bush cover 'Running Up The Hill' and 'In The City'. I left Heaven completely content with what I had seen. This was a band at the height of their powers, never putting a foot wrong, perfectly poised and groomed. Even the complete arse standing in front of me couldn't ruin this. If you haven't seen Chromatics they are a band that demand to be seen, a possible gig of the year.