Earlier this year we brought you '2 Real' from the exciting new British singer Chrystal. It was recorded with with storied producer and regular partner John Calvert, and she returned to work with him again, out of which came the new single 'Vibe', which we bring you today.

Speaking on 'Vibe', Chrystal says “I was in quite a bad place by the second time I worked with John. I really didn't think I was going to write anything so uplifting, but by the first day we'd finished two songs, ‘Vibe’ being one of them. John just has a natural way of making you feel relaxed, which helps me to write better songs ,plus he's just mad talented and can make anything come to life with production.”

John Calvert must be pretty great to be around, because 'Vibe' does not at all sound like it's coming from someone in a "bad place" - completely the opposite. The mood set by 'Vibe' is one of pure happiness, a bouncing pop-R&B gem that captures the spirit of a party in peak flow, a magnetic attraction shared between two people, the discovery that everything's actually going to be OK - literally any vibrantly happy moment would be perfectly soundtracked by this song. Virginia rapper Rozwell Fitzroy also hops onto the track to keep the energy up and the good times flowing. We'll be bumping it through the weekend. Listen below.

'Vibe' is out now via 37 Adventures.