The trailblazing SpaceAge collective of UK rap aficionados, comprised of Little Simz, Chuck 20, Josh Arcé, Tilla and Loner Muaka, have sedulously gained global greetings this year for their smooth, ambient brand of hip-hop, a buzz only furthered by the release of Little Simz' acclaimed debut album A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons last month. But with no sign of halting their astral advancement, it's 22-year-old North London rapper, Chuck 20's turn to orbit the sonic stratosphere with quick-witted talents that more than equip him to steer the SpaceAge ship with his debut EP, The Experimental Art Of A Moonchild.

Premiering today on The 405, Chuck 20 has delivered a stellar debut, which features production predominantly from fellow SpaceAge member Loner Muaka alongside a few up & coming producers. Take the trip and listen to The Experimental Art Of A Moonchild below.

So it's official, SpaceAge artists have the best project names. From Simz'< em> A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons to your new EP. Tell me about the decision to name the project The Experimental Art Of A Moonchild.

I decided to name my project The Experimental Art Of A Moonchild simply because my star sign is cancer and a cancer's ruling planet is the moon, so cancers are often referred to as a moonchild. That's where the moonchild part came from. And the rest is because the idea of this whole project was for me to be experimental with creating the music and to not follow the traditional sounds of rap.

What does this EP represent for you?

This EP represents the individuality in my rap and of the sounds I enjoy creating. It's a representation of where I'm at now in my career and is also the birth of the very beginning for Chuck 20 and his experimental music.

How was the process of putting it all together?

The process of putting it all together had to be some of the most fun I've ever experienced. I think because I allowed myself to really experiment with different sounds and different ways of approaching things, it made it feel super fun, and especially because through a lot of the writing and recording process, it was just me in my bedroom by myself being able to be as free as I wanted, in terms of creating, and not having to feel shy or embarrassed to try out new things.

What specific stories, themes and artistic values are you interested in sharing here?

I think the main theme is the follow-up from SpaceAge, and the whole idea of us not being from this planet but coming here to help save it before it's too late, kind of thing. So it's like, I've come from the moon, being a moonchild and have come to Earth to see what the hype is all about, and being shown how corrupt and broken this place actually is. So by me sharing my music, it's in the hope that I can spark the fire in someone's mind to wake up and help change things for the better.

How does this EP solidify you as the artist you've been working towards becoming?

I've always wanted to be an artist that is recognised for being 100% themselves, for being a complete individual and not being able to be compared to anyone else. I believe this tape is the start towards that outcome and I also believe this tape helps to represent me and is a reflection of how my mind works and thinks right now.

How has the Space Age Collective supported and aided you towards this point?

SpaceAge are the best, man. Without them this wouldn't have been possible, and it's important that this is possible because this is my first ever finished project that I will be releasing to the world, so it's scary and exciting times. But just knowing I have SpaceAge with me makes it all that much easier to go through with. They have non-stop supported me through this journey, gave me their honest opinions when needed and have also helped me a lot when it comes down to the mixing and mastering of this project. They truly are some of the best people I have ever surrounded myself with. I'm truly grateful for my team. SPACE SPACE SPACE!