Chuck D reckons that rappers need to up their game. Mainly in terms of being able to headline festivals. The Public Enemy rapper wrote a blog post for NME, published today, denouncing "turntable artists" who mainly just rap over, not even a backing track, but the track itself, leaving in the original vocals – something I personally find more than a little disappointing about some rap when it's live, if I'm honest.

Most of those artists are turntable artists, not anything that's based on getting down live," he writes. "That's the problem. You want the art form to be transcendent. You want people to think, 'OK, I'm going to check out the best of the best now'. It's just like a sporting event. You want to watch the best. It's one of those things that I hope rap music and hip-hop can hurdle.

Most obviously, Kanye West is actually headlining Glastonbury soon; Chuck D comments: "I think Kanye's gotten better over the years although he's a solo performer. He's like a hip-hop Paul McCartney, in some ways."

Continuing, he goes on to talk about how "live" really should mean live:

"Public Enemy has a full live band and we put on a show. We learned that from the great bands of the Seventies. From The Rolling Stones, we learned that you've got to present an event. You present an event, and you don't prevent a good show. That's what it's about. It's the art of performance."

He concludes, saying that "you can't just write good songs, you've got to perform them well."

Read the whole blog post over at NME.

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