In 2018, everything isn’t online, but if you know where to look, an awful lot of history - in particular, musical history - is, and if you’re willing to put in the time doing your research, you can learn a lot fast. ‘Ready Or Not,’ the official debut single from young Auckland, New Zealand rap duo Church & AP is a textbook example of how this kind of process can play out in music, especially when it’s done the right way. And in a testament to the quality of their work, over the last few months, they’ve been opening up for visiting overseas guests from Australia and the US like Saba and Genesis Owusu.

Over a humid, half-time beat infused with drum machine funk, Church & AP evoke the sort of chemistry present in the works of classic Southern rap duos like UGK and Outkast, while cycling through a full bag of vocal tricks: A soulful falsetto chorus? Check! Mike Jones’ ‘Still Tippin’ style telephone vocal filters? Check! Chopped and screwed bars? Check! Pitched-up vocals a la Kendrick Lamar? Check! And rather than just imitating, they’re taking their influences into something new, a fresh antipodean rap sound that bounces to a familiar groove but tells stories drawn from life in the South Pacific. Church & AP don’t want no problems, but they’re ready to go. Expect an EP soon.

You can listen to ‘Ready Or Not’ on Spotify here.