Ciara has teamed up with Nicki Minaj for hernew single, 'I'm Out', which features on her self-titled fifth album, out on 9th July. The feisty pair own the track with a slamming beat, helping to back their point about the single life and girl power.

Ciara invites the ladies into the track, in a Destiny's Child "all the women" way, "Ladies it's your song so as soon as this come on, you should get out on the floor, gonna get your sexy on." Nicki 'brings it' in the rap sections with energetic come get me lines like, "I got a big fat ass, big dicks follow."

The empowering chorus is gonna get the girls raising their glasses, "I just went though a break up, but it's okay I got my cake up, do my hair put on some make up." Ciara and Nicki run this track together pretty well.