Despite the song's title, the video for 'This River,' by Cincinnati's Sungaze, is primarily fixated on desert imagery like cacti and a blazing Texas sun than any moving bodies of water, but the track actually has something of a river sensibility. At seven minutes and change, it needs to have its own sort of flow, from one section to the next.

Initial bass twangs and POV walking shots are the perfect setups for a gunslinger battle, until the shimmering guitar enters. But the band is savvy enough to not rely solely on the shimmer, letting elements like Ivory Snow's brightly sinister keyboard motif and her psych-infused harmonies with guitarist Ian Hilvert color this with the kind of character that can't be gleaned from just trying to replicate Souvlaki.

Those harmonies are like rivers themselves. with Snow and Hilvert stretching their phrases as far as the reverb will allow them. These extensions let their words stick with you. "I can't say what it means to stay forever, running from my mind," with a beautiful sustain on forever. Epic in both length and vision, 'This River' is what the 'repeat' button was made for.