Circuit des Yeux's Haley Fohr has announced that there is a new project coming under the alias Jackie Lynn. In photos and the album's trailer, she wears Western gear and a mask. The music is credited as an album by Circuit des Yeux on iTunes, but on Thrill Jockey, it's listed as a self-titled album by Jackie Lynn. In case you're confused, the new moniker comes with a backstory:

"This is what we know: Born and raised in Franklin, TN, in May of 2010, Jackie took a Greyhound bus from Franklin, TN to Chicago, IL. Upon her arrival in the city of Chicago, Jackie found a cheap sublet on the south side of Chicago. She soon became acquainted with Tom Strong (real name unknown) on a short CTA bus trip to the Chicago Loop. We believe that Tom & Jackie together ran a multi­million dollar business distributing the illegal substance of cocaine around Chicago & the Chicago tri­state area for over four years. Authorities believe that a local automobile shop was used as the main distributions headquarter.

Over the years, Tom & Jackie have become well known for their large and lavish parties thrown at an apartment located on Sacramento & 26th street. Police have been hot on their trail, but have found no probable cause to make an arrest. A domestic dispute was reported on February 18th of 2015. When police arrived, the apartment was found deserted. Traces of cocaine were found on a red and gold LP jacket with the following recording enclosed."

Jackie Lynn will be released on Thrill Jockey Records on June 10. Find the full tracklist below.

  • Jackie Lynn:
  • 01 Bright Lights
  • Kli>02 Chicken Picken
  • 03 Smile
  • 04 O
  • 05 Alien Love
  • 06 Franklin, TN
  • 07 The Great Fight
  • 08 Jackie