Back in August we brought you the news that Circuit Des Yeux (aka Haley Fohr) will be releasing her new album Reaching For Indigo on October 20th through Drag City. With that news came the bubbling electronic confessional 'Paper Bag', which hinted that the album would be an immersive affair. Now comes second preview 'Black Fly', which is quite different in style, and suggests that Reaching For Indigo holds many surprises for listeners.

'Black Fly' starts out as a plundering acoustic guitar song, over which Fohr's vocals sound more domineering and impressive than ever. As the song's 7 minutes progress, Fohr's vocals take a back seat to her oddball musical choices, with many unusual and delightful sounds and instruments creeping their way into the mix. With collaborators playing synthesizer, strings, bass, mandolin and drums, 'Black Fly' culminates in a resounding denouement. Listen to 'Black Fly' below.