Any horror movie fan is probably familiar with the 1980 film City of the Living Dead. The zombie-filled film is one of the most intriguing of its time, and composer Fabio Frizzi's score only makes it more peculiar and enthralling. It's been unavailable on vinyl since 1984, but horror flick fans will finally be able to get their hands on the OST soon! Death Waltz, who press many horror movie soundtracks to vinyl, will be reissuing the score with new artwork from Graham Humphries which you can see above as well as a 10 minute long clip of Frizzi's live performance last year in London.

The CD release will be carried out by Italy's Beat Records, and Frizzi himself oversaw the results to make sure it was as perfect as it should be. A full live album from the legendary composer is on its way as well, and that 'City of the Living Dead' live clip is only a small taste of what's to come with that. You can check out the tracklisting for the reissue below!

  • 01 Introduzione
  • 02 Fatti Misteriosi
  • 03 Toward Dawn
  • 04 Apoteosi Del Mistereo
  • 05 Occhi Di Brace
  • 06 Verso L’alba
  • 07 IrrealtÖ di suoni
  • 08 Paura Vivente
  • 09 Paura E Liberazione
  • 10 Toward Dawn
  • 11 Suoni Dissonanti
  • 12 Apoteosi Del Mistero
  • 13 Embers Eyes
  • 14 Tenebre Viventi
  • 15 Dissonant Sounds
  • 16 Toward Dawn
  • 17 City Of The Living dead (live suite)