I first saw the City Shanty Band at Secret Garden Party where they kicked my hangover in the face with a rousing breakfast set at the veggie café. Well it was breakfast for me, but I’m pretty sure they hadn’t yet seen their beds and several of the eleven strong group appeared to be suffering from both drunkenness and injuries of varying severity. Which is precisely what you want from a band of pirates, right?

This EP is proper old skool folk; songs composed entirely of accordion, claps, drums and harmonised vocals and it’s so damn fun I want to fill this review with words like rambunctious. It is also relatively, considering the subject matter, really original. Aside from the much more reflective Sam Lee and the Gillie Boys, I can’t think of another group of young men pushing the traditional gritty folk in this way (no, Mumford don’t count. At all.).

‘Pearl’s The Girl’ kicks it off with the story of the eponymous Pearl – the girl with really low self-esteem. As with the rest of the EP, the theatrically expressive vocals bring the recording to life. 'Arse of lard' is growled with obvious enjoyment at one point, but quiet regret colours the end: "That’s what she’ll never hear."

Meanwhile, 'Johnny Goes Spearmint Rhino', the unashamedly rude reworking of 'When Johnny Goes Down To Hilo', is from start to finish full of puns and double entendre and just out and out crudeness. It’s a clever updating of an old tune and demonstrates the band’s determination to show what folk music should be, namely dirty, unpretentious and a bit ramshackle. This is a song to sing with your arms round your friends on a drunken night at the back of the pub, which if you believe the legends is exactly how this band started in the first place.

Next up ballad (in the old non-boy-band version of that word) 'Runaway Whale', tells the tale of the Thames Whale of 2006. Leaving the vocal harmonies to take centre stage, it demonstrates what great singers and storytellers they actually are, anthropomorphising the whale who’s escaping his family for the bright lights of London town, but sadly never fulfilling his dream.

Finale 'Howlin’ Wind' throws every element of the band together and shakes it vigorously. Fast paced, full of shouts and harmonies and drums and claps and an accordion, a "racing heart" is what you’ll have for bouncing along for the ride. In fact last time I saw them perform this track I had the decency to be pretty tipsy myself and confess to not only shouting, "Wahey!" more than once, but also to genuinely, in real life, slapping my thigh. I shit you not. This track really is that boisterous and you really should see them live, because they really are that infectiously fun to watch.

But…until you can make that happen, turn this up loud and you can slap your thigh with joy in the privacy of your own home. Which is, to be honest, really where such shenanigans should remain.