With their first UK single 'Games' coming out on February 23rd, and their debut full length scheduled for sometime this year, German five-piece Claire are definitely a band to keep your eye on. We caught up with them to ask for a few tips regarding the music scene of their hometown of Munich. So if you're thinking about travelling there anytime soon, this is an essential read.

In Munich you always have to have your eyes and ears open to find new music. There is not this one particular location you can go to and definitely discover your new favourite band. But there are a few things that are always quite good to go to.


Near the Isar (the biggest river flowing through munich), lies the beautiful Muffatwerk, a big complex for concerts, clubbing or drinking a cold beer on a sunny day! The Muffatwerk is devided into the Muffathalle and the Ampere. A good concert evening in the "Ampere" is definitely the stop that the "introducing"-tour always makes there every few months. It's a concert with four upcoming bands from all over the place, the entry is free as long as you singed up online for it.

Last year we had the opportunity to play at the introducing tour along with Chvrches, Young Galaxy and Mighty Oaks and it would be absolutely amazing to play in the Muffahalle one day. On weekends the whole Muffatwerk transforms into one big club separated into different areas.

Atomic Café

The place for the Munich Indie scene. Lots of amazing bands played here and it's also a great place to drink and dance - if you're a fan of this kind of music. Mumford and sons, for example, played their very first show outside of the UK here.


Egofm is the radio station in Munich for people who'd rather listen to alternative / non mainstream music than typical radio music/charts. They have a feature show every Sunday, where local bands can play unplugged songs and are interviewed for one hour while they play their favourite tracks. Amazing platform for bands like us.

Throughout the last two years Egofm supported us and they were actually the first ones to play a song of ours in the radio. We could not be thankful enough.

Optimal Record Store

On your visit to Munich you should definitely stop by Optimal record store. They got the biggest selection of indie and electronic vinyl, so you can easily get lost there for several hours finding new music and inspiration. During summer, they sometimes have these backyard sales where you can find insanely rare stuff but if you're a vinyl fanatic like us, be sure to keep an eye on your savings.